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Some Feedback
"I had the great opportunity of being treated by Zoltan, who is an extremely reliable and trustworthy professional. I am still recovering from a herniated disk after-effects and he was straight forward not only on the treatment but also on all his additional recommendations. Highly recommended, indeed!" - Patricia

"Zoltan slow, focused and thorough approach impressed me very much. I feel in good hands when I bring my back issues to him safe in the knowledge that I will invariably feel better, lighter and looser once I've had one of his treatment. I would recommend him to anyone." - Daniel

"Zoltan is an experienced and professional masseur, whose skilful manipulation has massively improved the muscular and other tensions in my upper body. Highly recommended" - Dan

"I am a massage therapist and i am extremely fussy with who i allow to treat me and who i trust to treat me ... in the past some therapists have been over zealous with their treatments and caused me problems.  Zoltan is non of these = he listens and is extremely caring and aware of my issues.  His treatments are fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and i am happy to recommend him 100%." - Nic

"I am a very regular ballroom and Latin social dancer. I sought Zoltan's help after developing both some stiffness in my right shoulder (from holding my ballroom frame) and a recurring ache in my hip joints (which seemed to be attributable to rather too much Latin hip action in higher heels than I wear day to day). I was very impressed with the treatment offered."  - Sheelagh

"Zoltan, yet another relaxing and helpful massage. Thank you for your help so far. " - Val

“Zoltan is a very skilled masseur who puts his clients at ease.  He has a deep understanding of fascia and muscles and was able to get to the cause of my problem very quickly and effectively.  He is the only masseur I know who incorporates visualization into his massages which I think helps the client to participate more deeply in the healing process and also to continue getting the benefit of a massage after it is over.”  - May

"Zoltan is a truly gifted massage therapist.  My lower back is now virtually pain free after years of discomfort.  Thank you Zoltan!" - Jane

"Thanks Zoltan for your patience, attention to detail, and magic fingers!" - Tim

"Thanks for the treatment Zoltan, it feels good to walk downstairs normally for the first time since the marathon!" - FW

"Hi Zoltan! Thanks so much for the massage - am going on a run tomorrow morning to test my IT band! Feeling good so far :)" - Natasha

"Thanks Zoltan for doing a great job sorting out my knees and enabling me to get back into running! I'm very happy!" - Kirsty