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Massage Prep
Once you've agreed to come for a session, you probably want to get the most out of it!

A massage can draw a lot of fluid out from your muscles.  Be sure to come reasonably hydrated.  If you come immediately after a sporting event, we can help flush out a lot of the toxins accumulated in the muscles that might otherwise lead to later soreness.

Ideally after a massage you would relax, possibly take a warm bath with epsom salts.  After a deep massage try to avoid exertion, and think about how you get to and from the session.  - Can you avoid carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder, or race-cycling through the city to get to your next appointment?!

It can be very helpful to come for a massage before a sporting event.  A pre-event massage will generally entail more gentle preparation work, an MOT to ensure joints are moving smoothly and muscles and tendons are running in alignment.

Since a massage can flush out a lot of fluids, particles, and solutes that may have lain stangant in the muscles for a long time, be sure to drink lots of water or isotonics afterwards.

Try to avoid alcohol, ideally for the rest of the day, after a massage.  - You may already be a little dehydrated, and your tissues will be more absorbent, significantly amplifying the effects of even a small drink.

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