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I believe strongly in comprehensiveness and continuity of health care.  My mission is to play a small part in providing this.  And my specific aim with you is to work together to help you get back to health and comfort as quickly as possible.

  • I will offer a thorough assessment of the soft tissue (muscle / tendon / ligament / connective fascia) issues that can be helped by massage.

  • I will flag if I think there is anything wider going on beyond what can be helped by massage.

  • I will provide you with the appropriate level of treatment – which may be location specific or more holistic, shallow or deep, relaxing or more active, and so on.

  • I will provide you with self-help advice and exercises to help you improve as quickly as possible and not be dependent on massage treatments in perpetuity.

  • Where I feel other specialists could help you, I will make suggestions for who you might see.

  • I will discuss with you a plan for continuity of care where needed, so that you are not left hanging at the end of treatment.

In this way, you will know you are in safe hands, you will improve as quickly as possible - and I will have the experience of satisfied, confident clients.