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Hmm ... Is this for Me?
Some people are new to massage and not sure what to expect.  Others would like treatment but are unsure where to turn.  Still others have given up on seeking help, after being passed from doctor to specialist to physio to perhaps even "sports masseur," without seeming to make progress.  This is often where more sustained, connected, hands-on work can be beneficial.

The term increasingly used by Clinical Massage Therapists is " soft tissue therapy ."  Yes, it can involve "kneading" of muscles and a relaxing or invigorating deep tissue treatment, but it also draws on a wide range of other techniques connecting in with the body's neural and fascial systems, creating space and deep release, for a more holistic and enduring result than a "conventional massage."

Look at any professional sporting event, and you will often see athletes and players receiving a pre-event MOT, together with manual treatment in the event of injury.  However, it is not just sports people that benefit from massage.  - It can help with stiff necks for office workers, sore backs for tradesmen, burning wrists for musicians, and really anywhere where muscles, tendons, and ligaments are being placed under strain.  I am personally pleased to be helping artists and musicians who may have been putting up with discomfort for many years in a way that a sports person would not.

Massage does not (always) work magic, but it is a very direct and manual therapy, and you will generally feel if it is helping after a session or two.  For longer term problems, often things like back pain or sciatica, it might take three or so sessions before you start to feel a significant improvement.

The clinical, remedial massage offered here is firm and strategic, yet sensitive and sometimes very subtle.  There are no sudden sharp elbows, and no outdated "no pain no gain."  Treatment takes place on a professional massage couch, generally under a towel and with lotion.  A variety of massage can be offered fully clothed if preferred.

Treatment is in clinic on Clapham High St, at Canada Water Studios, or at the Rotherhithe Home Studio .  The Therapist is a member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage (ISRM),  the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

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