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10% off first treatment
The standard fee is £60 per hour.*  This applies for the first three sessions if these are needed.  Should further sessions be required as part of a continuous course of treatment, the fee drops to £50 thereafter.  £85 for a 90 minute session, £30 for half hour (but please be aware that an effective massage takes time!).  If the fee prevents you from seeking clinical assistance, do give me a call and I am happy to discuss options.

I offer a complimentary half-hour review (phone or face-to-face discussion) after three sessions, in the event that we have not completely resolved an issue or progress is not as fast as you would like.  Note that I consult other professionals on an ongoing basis as appropriate to ensure you are getting the most effective treatment.

The fee structure is designed to be competitive with other fully qualified professional practices offering clinical (medical) massage .  It is also designed for you to be reassured that the aim is to get you back to full health as quickly as possible, rather than keeping you coming time and time again.  For this reason the fee includes post-treatment follow-up support.

Please see the news page for any discounts, or get in touch to ask about these.  Please note all discounts are agreed in advance of treatment and cannot be claimed retrospectively.
Payment is by cheque, cash,  card , or bank transfer, to be made before close of each session.  As per standard practice, a charge may be made for missed appointments unless 24 hours’ notice is given.  Thank you for your understanding.
*Note you can also find me in other clinics , where different fee structures apply.